Life is big. Start small.

Do you feel like you’re just existing rather than fully living?

numb (nŭm)

  1. Deprived of the power to feel or move normally
  2. Emotionally unresponsive; indifferent

Comfortably numb.  That moment when you hear your alarm go off – it’s that time again – and you struggle to get out of bed, not because you are tired but because it just doesn’t matter.  It’s “meh”.

Despite where you’re going or what you have planned, nothing excites you. You feel like you are just getting by. It’s just the card you were dealt in life.

You’re always looking at the future – “when I get this, do that, have that… won’t it all be better?

You can’t find the joy in where you are NOW.  Gratitude? What is that?

You know you have so much to give, why were you given the short end of the stick?

Shauna Sanders

Shauna Sanders

Joy Catalyst

Hi, I’m Shauna Sanders – Your Joy Catalyst and I help people who are sick and tired of the reality they are living and know they are meant for something greater, step up to the life that they truly deserve.

I know that life you are living because I lived it too. Despite the high paying “glamourous” job running production offices for major motion picture studios – Sony, Fox, Universal Studios, Paramount, Disney, Warner Brothers – to name a few, a loving and supportive husband, a new house, a car, an amazing child – I was you. I was comfortably numb.

And it wasn’t until I found my passion in helping others discover their joy that I discovered mine. I became a certified life coach and found my freedom, joy, fulfillment, and happiness in my life and role as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a good friend, and then I became the spark in my own life and now help others do the same.

The reality is, life doesn’t get better, you do.  You may not realize it but as Rumi said “everything in the universe is within you.” Your joyful life, your happiness – everything you’re looking for or think you weren’t given is already there, you just can’t see it.

It’s not that you have blinders on, you just need someone to shine a light on the darkness. To help you create that spark that makes the light a rainbow of colors.

The reality is, if you think there is something more, there actually is. And if you think you are meant to do something more, you actually are.

We all deserve a happy a life.  Happiness is available to all of us now – it just takes recognizing it. When you’ve become so numb by living your life outside of you – not being true to yourself, not knowing what your values are and therefore not living in alignment of your values, holding grudges, feeling bitter – your expectations of what life should have been, become the low standards now called your life.

Instead of life happening FOR you, it’s happening TO you.

But you’ve become so unhappy you can’t bear it anymore and you wake up and you’ve become unrecognizable to yourself – if that moment is now, it’s time to turn things around.

If you’re waiting for something new to come into your life and it’s not happening, something new has to come out of you.

If you’re done making excuses, blaming your lack for your situation, I’m here to tell you it’s time.


Your Big Leap

Your Big Leap is a 5 session one on one coaching program to help you find your fulfillment, discover your true values, and be a better version of yourself – a better parent, spouse, partner, co-worker, boss, friend, and most of all friend to yourself.

Your Big Leap is a joyful discovery of you. Finding out what your true colors are, where your joy lives, busting through the blocks that have been holding you back, forgiving the past so you can move forward into the future, and fall in love with the moment that is now.

This is about your happiness, joy, love, fulfillment, freedom, abundance and success.

What will we be covering in Your Big Leap?  Here’s a taster:

Session 1 “True Colors”
  • We dive in to see where you are now and why you are feeling the way you are.
  • A pre-session detailed Q&A will be sent so we can start the session off ahead of the game and dig right in.
Session 2 “Oh Joy”
  • We uncover what’s blocking you and dig into your joy.
  • Values alignment exercise to determine if your past, present and future actions are in tune with who you truly are.
Session 3 “Play Ball!”
  • One of the best ways to create abundance and feel “good” in your life is to achieve something important to you.  After you values exercise, you will pick a goal and we will create a plan to realize your goal (and future ones!)
Session 4 “Road Blocks”
  • We anticipate obstacles for your goal and plan what to do when they happen
  • Forgiveness  (Trust me, this helps)
Session 5 “Just Breathe”
  • I give you simple ways to fall in love with the present moment
  • This is where you learn to stop hating, take action and finally be happy where you are NOW.
  • My secret weapon- Gratitude and several ways to implement it into your life

Your sessions with me will be accompanied with videos, workbooks and other goodies, PLUS unlimited email support during our time together!  And all of our sessions will be via video chat and recorded so you can refer back to them at any time.

How could you feel or what might happen after our work together?

  • Get out of bed will be easier
  • You will feel lighter
  • You will have a sense of fulfillment you lacked before
  • Your self awareness will increase
  • You’ll worry less
  • Your optimism will be contagious
  • Things that used to bother you or make you angry won’t seem as big and cumbersome
  • You’ll see joy more easily all around you
  • Motivation will come easier to you
  • That person who used to annoy you will start to look different to you
  • You will be a more loving spouse, parent, child, boss, co-worker and most of all, friend to yourself
  • You won’t be counting on winning the lottery to make you happy
  • You’re going to feel so much better about your future because you will feel so good about your NOW.
  • You will feel connected to others and yourself in a way you haven’t felt in a long time
  • Mediocrity will be a thing of the past
  • Butterflies will join you on your walk home (OK, I can’t promise that one but it starting happening to me once I implemented what I want to share with you!)

If you’re ready to start living and tired of waiting for some outside force to swoop in and save the day, LET’S DO THIS.

Your Big Leap awaits you for a one-time payment of $1,497 or two payments of $750 (to be paid in full before the fourth session)

Let’s get on the phone to see if this feels right for you.

Let's go!

Here’s what a few of my happy clients have to say:

Shauna has been an instrumental person in my life.  Her guidance and wisdom have opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.  Through her anecdotes, exercises, her exceptional listening skills, I feel that I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am hopeful and excited about my future.

Barbara Gonzalez

Public Health Professional

Shauna helped me assess what action steps I needed to take and led me to create a plan to accomplish my goal.  The questions she asked helped me get clarity and insight.  She provided helpful tools that I am using today!

Catherine O’Brien

Owner of Branch Out Programs

Shauna is awesome! She meets me where I am and holds the space for me to have my own thoughts and at the same time, she gives insight to help me come up with ideas to move forward. I sincerely have appreciated the time I spent with Shauna. I would recommend her for people who really want to break through the mediocrity of the norm. When good enough isn’t good enough anymore–find Shauna. She is great.

Amy Lindee-Deever

Owner and Christian Life Coach at SonShine Coaching

About Me

Life is big, it’s HUGE and it can be messy and wonderful and a gazillion other things. It’s hard to stay focused on what you’re aiming for (be it big or little). You might have a touch of the “I’ll-get-to-that-once-things-slow-down” syndrome.

“I’m going to wait until… I get the house in order…finish such and such project…the school quarter ends…I start my new job…quit my old job…this weekend, next week, the new year, next year…I lose the baby weight, the kids start school, the kids move out of the house, I retire.”

(See where I’m going with this?)

My point? Your action doesn’t have to be big. In fact, I say start small. And I can help you get moving now.

I’m Shauna Sanders. I worked in film business for 14 years and each time I started a new movie, I lost myself for the length of that gig. I put my life on hold and told myself it was the long hours (and they WERE long) and the intensity of my job. By the time I got home each night, it was all I could do to plop in front of the TV and decompress before dragging myself to bed to rest up and do it all over again.

And then POOF. Six months went by. This happened over and over and over – and then WHAM, five years were gone, and then ten. Several times, I found myself diving into the world of self-discovery (exercise programs, books, positive affirmation, yoga), but inevitably I lost momentum. Because that job, ya know?

I didn’t keep up with the pace – until I started small. One minute. I could do one minute a day no matter how busy I was. That was a commitment I could keep. Once I started small, I began to enjoy the process more and more and found myself wanting, and making time to do more with little to no effort.

And now I help people like you do the same thing.

One minute a day can change everything. I’ll show you how to take small steps no matter how busy you are, which will lead to big changes.

So, whether you want to hang with me and read about how it’s done, or spend some serious one-on-one time and get your booty in gear, I’m down.

Are you?

Contact Shauna

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A Love Affair With Your List

The most important thing I learned in college, I learned by making a list.   What started out as a homework assignment turned into one of the most important self-discoveries I would ever learn. It was simple; make a list of 20 attributes you are looking for in a life partner.  I began rattling off what I considered important characteristics I would want in my husband.  “Honesty, sense of humor, and empathy” were up there but so was “loves to read” and “wants to travel”.  As this catalog began to take shape, I noticed something interesting.  All of these qualities I was listing of what was important to me in a partner… actually described ME. I am very honest and empathetic.  I have a good sense of humor (if I don’t say so myself).  I dearly love to read and traveling awakens my adventurous inner being like no other. This list turned into 20 things I love about myself.  In other words, in order to find true love, I had to love myself.  Mind blown.  Perhaps you’ve heard this before; you have to love yourself before you can love others.  I thought I knew what that meant when I was a young teen.  You know, have respect for yourself and others will respect (read- love) you.  But this list added a whole new layer.  KNOW who you are, what makes you you, and what you LOVE about yourself and you’ll know what is important to you!  Then you can look for that in the person you want to spend your life with.  Done!  My list became a guideline of sorts,...

Go With Your Gut

“Go with your gut”.  You’ve heard this all your life but I have two questions for you. Do you know what your gut is?  And are you sure you should listen to it? Gut feelings are, simply put, intuition.  And to answer the second question if you should listen to it, I say, “It depends”. Intuition happens to be a core value of mine so I am quite sure I should listen to it.  But it might not be as important to you and that is just as significant to know.  I realized intuition would play an important role in my life early on.  My Spidey senses were highly active as a kid and served me well the more often I paid attention.  But as I got older, I started listening less to it at times and that almost ALWAYS came back to bite me in the arse. I once had a boss, a producer on a show I was working on as her assistant, leave on vacation for a week.  She had been gone for one day (one day!) when the otherproducer approached me to “let me know” they planned to fire her upon her return.  Le Gut propelled into action and I knew I had to call her right away.  As if reading my mind, the (let’s call him evil) producer solemnly asked me to respect his wishes to keep this information to myself, let her at least enjoy her vacation, and allow him to be the one who broke the news to her.  Every inch in my gut screamed “No!  Danger!  Icky!” but I was starting...

4 Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Fail

I can’t decide if I hate New Year’s resolutions or not.  I don’t usually make them but come end of December, I do find myself taking stock of my life and tallying up what’s not-so-hot and how I could make it better.  This is a mistake.  That might be initially motivating but long lasting results depend on more than mental self-flagellation. And here’s one I’ve started and stopped just as much as the next guy; “Get in better shape”.   That’s got to be THE most popular New Year’s resolution with the shortest attention span.  I’ve given this a lot of thought because this year… it’s my FOCUS (timing of New Year’s is strictly coincidence-ish). As in, I’m focusing on health this year and no thank you to those donuts even though they are sitting right next to me, and yes they smell delicious. Here’s why I (and perhaps others) have fallen off the wagon in the past: (I’m sticking with the getting-healthy-theme but these reasons are true across the board for anything really) 4 Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Fail: 1.  Lame Why Your “why” is one of the biggest motivators propelling you forward.  WHY do you want to be healthy?  This means “looking hot at your high school reunion” might carry you so far, but will not give you long last results.  You need a real “why” that’s going to get your ass up at 5A to work out instead of pressing snooze and pulling the covers up higher. 2.  Zero Accountability I’ve rarely told anyone I was going to work on my health and that’s been subconsciously strategic. ...


I hear people say different versions of “someday….” almost every single day, for big things and little. As in, “I’ll get to that (whatever that is for you), SOMEDAY”. “I’m going to get around to taking that class once my schedule frees up a bit” “I’m going to ask her out next month after I’ve beefed up a bit” “I’ll get post a family picture once I’ve lost the baby weight” And then there are the less tangible examples that are actually scarier. These are the things that you don’t even realize you’re delaying but you know you want more out of life, but don’t feel “ready” to start really living the life you want. You might think… “Tomorrow will be different” “Next month will be a fresh start” “In the new year, THAT’S when I’ll really get going” The “I’ll-get-to-that-once-things-slow-down” syndrome is real and like a virus, it can lay dormant inside of you. One day in high school I realized I had a slightly varied version of this as I was musing about how amazing college was going to be. I would be able to live on my own and drink a wine cooler while doing my homework (my romantic spin on adult-hood). And then it hit me; I had similar romantic notions about high school when I was in Jr. High. I thought how cool it would be to be able to drive myself to school instead of taking the bus and that I’d have a choice about which classes I could take. And then I remembered that I used to be excited about going to Jr....

100 Days of Joyful Living

A few months ago, I was having a pretty crappy day. I don’t remember the details and I’m sure a bad night’s sleep was involved but I do remember thinking “the best way to get out of a bad mood is to focus on what I’m grateful for”. Or what I call a “gratitude check”. I’ve been doing it for a while and IT WORKS. And in fact, every morning, I say 5 things I’m grateful for to myself. But since this particular day was so blah, I took it up a notch and challenged myself to post a daily gratitude for 100 days in a row. My #100DaysOfGratitude taught me 17 things that I hold close to my heart and bring me great joy. So naturally, I want to take it up a further notch. (To 11 maybe?) And this time, I want you to join me. Starting today, I will post one thing that brings me joy for 100 days in a row. #100DaysOfJoyfulLiving starts today! Day 1 #100DaysOfJoyfulLiving – Today is the birthday of my dear friend Catherine O’Brien, who is amazingly supportive of me personally and professionally. I am so stoked we met oh-so-many years ago and have continued our friendship and like minded entrepreneurial dreams. Catherine is (as my son would say) “the best!” and she brings me great joy and I hope to bring some to her when I call to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish (my preferred version). If you want to start this challenge with me, head on over to my Facebook page or better yet, join my Facebook group “Intentional...

3 Ways To Decrease Goal Overwhelm

You’re are a busy person. You have a lot to do and a lot you want to do. Keeping track of it all can get overwhelming at times. I’m going to share with you my 3 basic tips to kick overwhelm to the curb when it comes to your goals and intentions in life. I recently touched on this topic during one of my Monday Morning Make It Happen calls and wanted to share it with y’all. For the last 14 years I’ve been living in LA, working on feature films as a production coordinator. If you’re wondering what that means, the short version is I basically ran the production office, which is like the main information hub of any movie. We are the go between for the studios, actors, vendors, and crew. There is a lot of communication that goes on and the list of things to get done is never ending and constantly rotating. I’ve always been a goal-oriented person but this is really where I got organized and started to develop the list method of goal tracking. When I first started working on movies, my first boss insisted I succumb to her “list” method. Basically, the list method meant anytime I was given a task (usually by her), I was to write it down on my list: even if this task was a really quick to do that I could accomplish in just a few minutes. I acquiesced to a degree but if it was something I really felt I could get done right away, I didn’t bother putting it on the list. Why should I?...

17 Things I Learned From My 100 Days of Gratitude Journey

I’m sure you’ve had those days when nothing seems to be going your way. It starts right off the bat with the alarm going off during your deep sleep cycle so you feel off all day. You can’t seem to get ahead work wise and little, seemingly unimportant, yet annoying things are happening to you ALL DAY LONG. Or even worse, something really bad happens to you and you can’t shake it. Basically, you’d like nothing more than to get back into bed and perhaps engage in a marathon viewing of Peaky Blinders (or insert your current favorite show here). That’s how I felt about 100 days ago. Bad day was an understatement and grumpy was the mood hat I was donning. And to make matters worse, it continued into the next day. I wanted to change how I was feeling and I remembered how much gratitude and just saying 5 things I was grateful for each day had helped me in the past so I decided to up the ante and challenge myself to post, something I was grateful for that day, everyday for 100 consecutive days. I kinda thought I’d just made this idea up but when I hash tagged it #100daysofgratitude, I saw SEVERAL other people participating in this and I loved it! When you are saying things you’re grateful for to just yourself, it’s very different than posting on social media for your friends, family and the world to see. I immediately felt the self-editor show up and not want to say certain things so I really had to keep rewriter at bay and be...

Think Bigger

Have you ever had a 3 year-old blow your mind? I recently took my son to his doctor after a weekend of fever fun. Like many pediatric offices, it was decorated for children, this one having a nautical theme. We pointed to all the colorful fish together and commented on how fast they might swim. Keeping up with the art of distraction while waiting for the nurse to call us in to see the doctor, I said to my son “Isn’t this cool? It’s like we’re in an aquarium!” To which my 3 year old replied, “No Mommy, it’s like we’re in the OCEAN” BAM. I was thinking how cool it was that they painted the walls floor to ceiling in water, fish and plant life to give us the allusion we were in an aquarium; a container holding said water, fish and plant life in a box, unable to get out or go anywhere. My son, on the other hand, was in an ocean. No walls, no limitations and endless possibilities. He was, of course, clueless to how his words affected me but since our trip to the ocean I’ve started thinking differently about not only what I see but what I’m thinking and musing about as well. My challenge to you, think ocean. I’d love to hear your oceanic ideas on my Facebook page or better yet, join my Intentional Living Facebook group and be around like-minded people who intend their way to a better...

La Résistance

Do you feel a tug towards something but then write it off for a bevy of different reasons? Maybe part of you wants to run a 5K (or a marathon!), or write a book or even just journal everyday. Perhaps you’d like to start a film festival or open a daycare center. And it doesn’t have to be this big either, it could be as simple as wanting to spend time in your garden, strumming your guitar or maybe buy a book that you keep hearing about. That is what happened to me with the book “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you, this book has been recommended to me at least 42 times. I took note after I explained this phenomena to the last person to mention this book to me when he said “And it took you 41 times before you heard it”. I heard it. I just ignored the tug. And then later on the SAME DAY one of my mentors emailed her weekly newsletter and she spoke of, yes, you guessed it, “The War Of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles”. Here’s the sweet irony. This book (that I’ve been avoiding /ignoring) is all about resistance. R.E.S.I.S.T.A.N.C.E. people. Resistance can reveal itself in many forms: overwhelm, struggle, fear, justification, rationalization, procrastination or even boredom. One of the tricks to overcome resistance is to lean into it. Dive into the wave instead of running from it or standing still and letting it knock you over. Listen to yourself and you’ll start to hear resistance...